Buffalo Bills Looking to Extend Toronto Series, and That’s a Good Thing

Updated: May 24, 2012

It’s all over the place that the Buffalo Bills are on the verge of extending the infamous “Bills in Toronto” series through 2017. The Bills won’t make out nearly as well as they did on the first 5 games of the series, which will correspond with cheaper ticket prices.

The last deal netted 78 million for Buffalo, which was great compared to the estimated 35 million in revenue the Bills would have made hosting the game at the Ralph. If the Bills expect to make 40-45 million at that gate, I would expect a figure somewhere from 55 to 65 million dollars. That way the Bills sill make out financially (albeit less so), and Rogers can sell tickets cheaper, and hopefully liven up what’s been a dull affair.

When news of the first “Bills in Toronto” series was announced, I remember a few of us out there getting a little worked up about a master plan to move the team north of the border. It was pretty easy to dispel that notion as Ralph’s not moving the team and the financials revealed the Bills made a killing on the deal. They more than doubled their revenue for 5 games, which is a no brainer.

Hover, the fact that Russ Brandon and the Bills have been willing to sell the games for far less brings to light that the regionalization aspect of the move. Brandon has said repeatedly throughout his tenure that in order for the Bills to survive economically, they need to build a strong fan base in regions like Southern Ontario. How successful that’s been is tough to say, but the Bills must have made enough progress to keep the project going.

And if you believe Brandon’s line about regionalization, that’s a great thing. The Bills continue to benefit financially and establish long term viability by broadening their fan base. Than, all’s we’ll need is a new stadium…