Training Camp Fantasy Draft Team 1: Exposed McIntyres

Updated: August 3, 2011
McIntyre, Corey

Let’s review Team 1 of the 2011 Buffalo Bills Training Camp Draft. This is the first year of the Buddy Nixon draft competition. I picked 1st.


  •  3 points for starter
  • 2 points for 53 man roster
  • 1 point for practice squad player

Round. Player (overall pick):

  1. Kyle Williams (1) – A true lock to make the roster. Defensive staple, an obvious first overall selection. D-line lock
  2. Andy Levitre (6) – One of our best linemen over the last 2 years. LG lock.
  3. Jarius Byrd (7) – Our starting FS, with not much depth behind him. FS lock.
  4. Shawne Merriman (12) – A true steal here? Maybe, one of our best playing camp players so far. Baring injuring, he will be our ROLB Lock.
  5. Drayton Florence (13) – Coming off a 3 year – 15 million dollar contract, I would have to say that Drayton will line up as the opening day starter. CB lock.
  6. Andra’ Davis (18) – A pivotal part of our 3-4 transition. Plays well when healthy. Look for him to be starting at ILB week 1. ILB lock.
  7. Dwan Edwards (19) – Another good piece of the 3-4 transition, played very well last year, when healthy he is dominant. DE lock.
  8. Terrence McGee (24) – Working a lot in the slot, I expect him to bounce back, and play a good reduced role. Could start, could get cut. 53 lock.
  9. Roscoe Parrish (25) – Really picked it up last year. Plays really well in Chan Gailey’s offense. He should start the year in the slot. 3rd WR lock.
  10. David Nelson (30) – Great pick, contributed a lot in the spread offense, Parrish and Nelson had the most slot appearances in the league. 53 lock.
  11. Torell Troup (31) – Really coming on strong so far in camp. Doing so well the coaches has moved around the D-line a bit. 53 lock.
  12. Rian Lindell (36) – Still kicking very strong, a good pick at this point. Has a few solid years left. 53 Lock
  13. Brian Moorman (37)  – had a down year, but like Lindell has a few years left before getting replaced. 53 Lock.
  14. Spencer Johnson (42) – A good pick at this point, but is making a good chunk of change, could get beat out by other players. Fringe 53.
  15. Donald Jones (43)  – A very solid teams player, and game on strong in the WR game when Parrish and Evans went down. 53 lock.
  16. Corey McIntyre (48) – At pick 48 a true steal. Hence the name. A true staple of my team, and the Bills Teams. 53 lock.
  17. Reggie Corner (49) – Just came off of PUP. A very good 5th CB, should replace Youboty in this role, but a strong position class will keep him low. Fringe 53.
  18. Chris White (54) – With the lack of ILB presence, Chris White bursts on to the scene to take one of the final positions. Fringe 53.
  19. Michael Leslie Jasper (55) – Many people’s camp favorite. Our new Stevie J. Should at BARE minimum make the practice squad. Still impressing. Fringe 53.
  20. Jason Watkins (60) – A good roster battle to make the team. Really no news out of the Watkins camp, but been in the system now. Fringe 53.
  21. Jon Corto (61) – Due to his strong teams play, this could be a late round 53 man roster steal. Weak Safety depth. No Whitner = Corto. Fringe 53.
  22. Jeheuu Caulcrick (66) – A RB/FB/Teams candidate. Could surprise some if a player gets injured. Look for him to compete. Fringe 53.
  23. Zack Pianalto (67) – With so much uncertainly at TE, he could find himself on the team. One of the priority UDFAs that we got. Practice squad lock.
  24. Emmanuel Moody (72) – A player who has already performed some. Top recruit at USC before transferring to Florida. Fringe practice squad. (cut week 1 for scrubs)
  25. Rajric Coleman (73) – A practice squad pick here, due to the older age at Safety, and the non pick up in FA, I expect him to compete. Fringe Practice Squad.

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