Sniper’s Buffalo Bills Freaky Friday

Updated: June 28, 2013

Each Friday I will be bringing you a piece with the freaky Friday topic, I will focus on weird, interesting, and off beat topics as we approach “real” news. Tune in every Friday at 8:00 A.M.

We are rapidly approaching training camp in the heat of summer, and many people don’t realize that it will hit us faster than we think. In the meantime I would like to bring you one of my favorite discussions I’ve had with a Buffalo Bills player. It just happened to take place at the aforementioned training camp.

It was a gorgeous afternoon in beautiful Pittsford, NY at St. John Fisher College (the training camp site for the Bills). As I believe ‘Topher, Jason and I were very excited to see our Bills for the first time of the year.I was finishing my freshman year at UB,  before the start of the 2007 season.  I was pumped, the Bills had just finished 7-9, and I couldn’t have been more excited for the Dick Jauron led Bills.

Story Break

The first thing I saw on field as I enter for the birth of the 2007 season:

 Dick Jauron

 I just HAD to bring that up. I think I was fascinated every year by how amazing that safari hat was.

OK, back on track. Fresh off of a breath of optimism around finishing a year of college, and a full summer to do nothing but work at the ever so corrupt Best Buy, I got to enjoy a freshly cooked hot dog as I watched the new signing from the Browns, gritty young Kirk Chambers, dive in to offensive line drills. I remember thinking, “Wow, that Jauron knows how to find some lunch pail type of Buffalo guys.” As you begin to find out, Chambers had a 5 year fruitful career, so joke is clearly on me.

As the night wound down, Marshawn Lynch broke tackles, and the prodigy Paul Posluszny looked good in the middle of the defense, I began to see it might be time for some autographs.

However, the fun began before the autograph session. I ran into a lady standing by the fence waiting for players. She was shouting profusely for someone. Was it the first round pick Lynch? No. Lee Evans? No.  It was none other than 8 tackle JOHN DIGIORGIO. She is now known around these parts as “John DiGiorgio lady”. Little did we know that he would go on to have a 113 tackle season. Joke is on me once again.

By this point you must be thinking, “Cool story babe, what’s the point of this story, or who is the guy you talked to?”

Well fine, I’ll tell. It was our stud Quarterback John Paul Losman.


 As he stays extra late through the night to sign many autographs, he finally reaches where I was standing. He looks at me at takes my small mini football. I begin to ask J.P. “Should I draft you this year in fantasy”? He looks me dead in the eye and says “OH yeah, I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN”. Mind you, picture his voice as a third grade girl mixed with a shrimp man in Louisiana. I then told him that “you will be my late round sleeper”, he giggled and flipped his goofy hair back and raised his high socks (he would NEVER show his legs).

Well, how does this story end? JP gets benched in 2007, we go 7-9 (JP went 2-5), and our Buffalo Bills franchise is set back another 5 years. Not to mention I waste a late round pick taking this hilarious but yet unproductive player.

However, this does not ruin how fun my time was in August, 2007. I am looking forward to an actual team this time around as I approach the same camp location for August, 2013.

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