Buddy Nixon Open Interviews

Updated: May 15, 2012
Have you always thought you know more about the Bills than most of the schmucks that populate this board? Tired of having your opinion considered the equivalent some 14 year old kid who still thinks his Anchorman quotes and “that’s what she said” drops are fresh?Than you’ve come to right the place, because Buddy Nixon is looking for a writer or two!
What we’re looking for/guidelines:
-Be funny.
-Don’t be not funny.
-Know who “Fast Freddy” is (tell us in your pm. hint- it’s not a RB).
-Some one who has something fresh to say about the Bills.
-Write one column a week, nothing to intense, we’ll ease you in.
-A solid Buddy Nix impression is a must.
-Must know that you can’t cut unrestricted free agents.
-Knowing the Dick Jauron song is a plus
-Can start an rousing Bills chant in non-Bills situations.
-Grammar doesn’t have to be perfect, but you your usage has to be right most of the time. We’re not freaking english teachers.
-Can correctly and intuitively come up with witty player nicknames
-a platform for all your genius insights
-You get to hang out at the plush Buddy Nixon recording studios with Topher, Blake the Blizzard, and BroJ the Juiceman and the one and the only Sniper
-You can pretend your doing something legitimate with your life making your next conversation with your parents a little less awkward
-Make lifelong friends
-Tailgate Parties with hot chicks (check our featured stories)
-chicken nuggets on tuesdays. as many as you can eat. as long as its not more than 12.
-same goes for Genny Pounders.


Interested? Call Carl Kumardo, or just E-Mail me, Sniper (email is on the contact page). Send me a 400 word piece on whatever you want, make it good. Also tell us who Fast Freddy is/was in relation to the Bills, and what you think of Buffalo News/WGR/Any other blog coverage.

Final Interview will be a preseason game, be ready to discuss 3rd stringers in the second half.

Let’s see what you got.