The Buffalo Bills Sign Journeyman Kicker Dave Rayner

Updated: November 8, 2011
Dave Rayner FTW

The Bills today announced that they have signed kicker Dave Rayner. The free agent journeyman kicker has played on 10 different teams including the Bills (Indianapolis, Dallas, Kansas City, Detroit, Green Bay, Miami, San Diego, Washington, and Oakland).

Ever since Rayner was drafted in the 6th round by the Colts, he has been unable to stick on a team, and this is evident by his constant release and inability to make an opening day roster. He has a 73.3 career field goal percentage and currently in the NFL this is not going to cut it. However, a golden opportunity for Dave. This is why:

Positives of Rayner:

  1. 18 touchbacks out of 241 kicks = 8.23% of kicks are touchbacks. This is quality and better than the 6.68% of Rian Lindell (prior to this year). These stats are of course before this year with the older rules. I expect Rayner to be the kickoff man that he was drafted in the 6th round to be. I think this is the key reason he made the team over other tryout partners.
  2. He kicked 82% in 2010 for the Lions including 2 for 2 from 50 plus, nailing a career long 55 yards. He has a strong and healthy leg.
  3. Opportunity for Rayner to finally establish himself in this league. With Lindell being on a contract year, and only being 29 (young for a kicker), he gives him self a golden chance to become the Kicker of our future. He is 5 years younger than Lindell, and we might need a Kicker soon rather than later, coming off a serious shoulder injury could hamper all future contract plans we had with Rian.
Negatives of Rayner:
  1. Inconsistent throughout his career and can not stick on one team. He had multiple stints with a few teams, and always seems to be “the next guy” much like he is here in Buffalo.
  2. Career 30-39 yard field goal average = 72.7%. This is much different than Lindell’s modest leg, and 90.5% 30-39 FG average.
  3. His 66.7% 40-49 yard range average isn’t any better, however Rian has struggled at this range as well with an average of 65.7%. I still think both of these guys are subpar kicking in this range. However, Rayner is technically just as good.
  4. I feel we could scream “you suck Rayner” more than once at the screen during the next 4-6 weeks.
There you have it folks, we could be watching our next 4-6 week kicker or possibly even our next 4-6 year kicker? What say you Bills fans, does Rayner run with the opportunity? Or get him self cut when Lindell comes back?