Reggie Wayne Reportedly on Trade Block as Well (UPDATED)

Updated: October 14, 2011
Philadelphia Eagles v Indianapolis Colts

Update: Michael Lombardi has now reported  he believes Reggie Wayne is available “for the right price”


What went from Schefty Sportscenter Speculation has taken one step closer to becoming a reality. According to Incarcerated Bob, the New York character who broke the Brandon Lloyd trade rumors, Reggie Wayne is now “officially” on the trade block. IB isn’t always correct, but when he is, he can be way ahead of the curve. IB also listed the Chargers, Redksins, and Titans as potential suitors.

And in any event, this seems to make sense. Wayne is 33, scheduled to make 5.9 million in the final year of his contract, and the Colts have no delusions of grandeur other than a certain QB prospect (although the last time the Colts took the greatest QB prospect ever who was from Stanford, it didn’t work out too well); so it only makes sense that the Colts would be interested in getting whatever value they can for a player they presumably do not plan on resigning. On the other hand, these issues would all be for the Bills except whatever playoff hopes the Bills have this year.

The interesting part to me in either the instance of Wayne or Brandon Lloyd, both receivers are older and in the final year of their deals. That means Buffalo seriously believes it can make a run at a championship this year; or they are attempting to get a discount on potential free agent target next spring by trading and renegotiating now. Whatever happens, we’ve already gained a glimpse of where this team sees itself at the moment.