Quality Waiver Additions

Updated: September 4, 2011
Free Agent

With the 53 man rosters set for all 32 teams, there happens to be a plethora of talent that was let go in yet another crazy speeded up cut period.  Buddy should and will sign between 1 and 3 players. I am making my predictions below.

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QB – We could bring in a veteran QB to compete with Thigpen, or we could stash away another QB on the practice squad if we don’t chose to bring back Levi.

  1. Levi Brown – The obvious candidate to be the Scout team QB, played OK. (confirmed on practice squad)
  2. Drew Willy – The UB product had a good preseason for the Jets. Could be a perfect 3rd QB, at this point he is rumor to have 1 year of Practice Squad left. Jets want him bad.
  3. Graham Harrell – Had a GREAT preseason, surprise cut. Would need to be put on the active roster, because he is a priority sign for Green Bay.  Had 287 preseason passing yards.
  4. Jarrett Brown – A final cut by the Browns. A UDFA out of WVU last year adds a unique Practice Squad option for our team. A good runner and still learning how to be a QB. Had a good preseason by a few reports.


RB  – Could be brought on to compete with Johnny White, I don’t believe he had a very good preseason, and could not find holes even like Bruce Hall could. 

  1. Sammy Morris – Helped relieved pressure off of Brady, a good vet to have if you need to give a few carries to.
  2. Xavier Omon – We have had him in camp before, played really well for San Francisco and just barley didn’t make the team.
  3. Ian Johnson – Had a good preseason for the Lions but got beat out by Harrison because of the last game against the Bills. He had 36 carries for 130 yards during the preseason.
  4. Keiland Williams – Had 261 yards and 3 TDs as a rookie last year for the Redskins, got cut due to an early injury. Could be a quality third RB. He also had 39 catches for 309 yards 2 TDs, a young 3rd down option.
  5. Evan Royster – A young 23-year-old 6th round rookie out of Penn State. He is Penn States all time leading rusher. Ending the preseason with 26 carries for 110 yards and 1 TD, in just 2 games. Could be a good sign, or practice squad if the Redskins pass.

FB  - Might be a worthy upgrade to look at other FB around the league.

  1. Louaska Polite – A run blocking specialist, and a true first down machine. Could replace McIntyre and help spring loose Fred and C.J.

WR  - Is anyone else uneasy with having Ruvell Marin on the roster? Here are some practice squad candidates as well as people who could unseat his 6th WR role.

  1. Naaman Roosevelt – Local product we all love, true priority practice squad candidate.
  2. Kamar Aiken – Played well in the preseason for us, should supplement Roosevelt on the Practice Squad.
  3. Donnie Avery – Had 28 starts before losing his 2010 season to injury. 1263 career yards, and 8 TDs during his two-year playing career. He would be an awesome sign, and we better get on the phone with his agent. Productive and quick when he plays. He has special teams ability as well.
  4. Seyi Ajirotutu – 24-year-old 2nd year receiver. He is 6-3 211 and had a productive rookie year logging 262 yards and 2 TDs. His size and strength might be a good candidate to take Martins spot on the roster. An immediate upgrade with future number 2 WR potential.


TE – One of the biggest weaknesses on the team, a few veterans could come in and challenge Pianalto for the final TE spot.

  1. Mike Caussin – Practice squad candidate again, had a decent preseason for us.  Most likely option to be put on the practice squad. (confirmed on practice squad)
  2. Dan Gronkowski – 7th round pick in 2009 from Buffalo had 5 starts last year.  Huge fame and good blocker might be able to sneak on the team in place of Martin or Pianalto.
  3. Donte Rosario – has 24 career starts since being a 2007 5th round pick. Has 894 career yards and 5 TDs. could be an interesting receiving option.
  4. Desmond Clark – A 34 year old true veteran TE. A great blocker and awesome pass catcher. He has 3591 career receiving yards and 27 TDs in 12 years. Could give our offense a needed push for a year or two. 
  5. Donald Lee – Another big bodied veteran who has played with David Martin on many occasions. He just turned 31 and has 1875 career yards and 19 TDs. Has only missed 4 games in his 8-year career.
  6. Andre Smith – An undrafted practice squad candidate. I really like his potential out of Virginia Tech. Could unseat Pianalto as well. 
  7. Lee Smith – Drafted by the patriots in the 5th round, we claimed. A PURE blocking TE. HUGE 6-6 269. (SIGNED)

OL – Having only 8 on the roster scares me, although we seem comfortable with the versatility of all of the kept players.

  1. Ryan Harris – Final cut for the Eagles, he had 34 starts over a 4-year career after being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2007 draft. Could add much needed depth to a shallow OT group. Reports are that he is hurt and could go to IR.
  2. Max Jean-Gilles – 2006 4th round pick who has been a pretty consistent OG. He has 26 career starts, and could be instant depth for our OL.
  3. Artis Hicks – A 32-year-old versatile OL that has 68 career starts, a reliable 6th lineman. Redskins had to cut due to salary reasons. He would be a great veteran signing.


DL – This is not much room for adding here, but a few interesting candidates.

  1. Tommie Harris – The 28 year old Ex-Bear is 6-3 295. He has only missed 8 games in 7 years. He was drafted in the first round of the 2004 draft. He has a whopping 29 career sacks, and could be very versatile on our hybrid Defense.
  2. Igor Olshansky – A consistent 29 year old starter, 6-5 315 since being a 2004 2nd round pick of the Chargers. He was hand picked by Buddy, and a lot of speculation we might be interested. He has only missed 5 games in 7 years. A quality versatile 3-4 player with 12.5 career sacks.
  3. Ogemdi Nwagbuo – A nice young NT that could replace Heard on the roster. A shocker of a cut. Had 7 tackles and 1 sack this preseason. He is just 25 years old and 6-4 312. He has 38 career tackles and 2 sacks.  
  4. Michael Jasper – Another priority practice squad candidate that we hope does not get claimed. Will be immediately added to the squad once he clears waivers so that we can continue with our project. (confirmed, on practice squad)

LB – With 11 Young talented players here, I don’t believe we make a move. However I do think we push as hard as possible to get Antonio Coleman to the practice Squad.

DB – Chan has stated we will be looking for D-Backs. The question is if we will look for a 6th CB or 5th Safety. I am thinking the latter.

  1. Josh Nesbitt – Has been making the transition to Safety much like George Wilson, however he brings a QB option down the road if Smith goes down.  Can contribute at some point this year, even on special teams. (confirmed on practice squad)

Final Verdict –

1 – Claimed TE Lee Smith

2 – Sign Artis Hicks

3 – Sign Donnie Avery

4 – Cut Colin Brown, Ruvell Martin, and Zack Pianalto


Projected Practice Squad

1.    Antonio Coleman OLB

2.    Kamar Aiken WR – CONFIRMED

3.    Mike Jasper DL – CONFIRMED

4.    Naaman Roosevelt WR

5.    Joshua Nesbitt S – CONFIRMED

6.    Mike Caussin TE – CONFIRMED

7.     Zack Pianalto TE

8.    Michael Switzer OL – CONFIRMED

Actual Practice Squad:

Jasper, Brown, Switzer, Caussin, Dotson, Aiken, Nesbitt, and one open spot.