2011 NFL Supplemental Draft Preview

Updated: August 15, 2011
mike mcadoo

Buddy Nixon has it on good authority to think that Michael McAdoo will be a target during the 2011 Supplemental Draft, which is scheduled for Monday August 22nd.

We are hearing that the Bills could be using a 5th round draft choice on the young high risk, high reward player out of the University of North Carolina. According to scouts, McAdoo had an amazing appearance in the 2010 spring game, recording multiple sacks. However, he accepted $110 in benefits, and like many other players from UNC, wound up getting suspended the entire 2010 NCAA season. A 5th round pick might not get it done, as he’s projected to go as high as a 2012 4th round pick. I’m not ready to believe the Bills will already spend their extra 4th round pick (teams have to use their original pick, and this could be in the top 100). Buffalo currently has FOUR players off of the 2010 UNC team, giving us reason to think that Michael McAdoo was given a full evaluation by the scouting staff.

Terelle Pryor: We were one of 17 teams on hand to watch Pryor at his pro day and he ended up running a 4.36 40. Had a nice big strong arm, and was fairly accurate throwing to High School receivers. Pryor must sit out the first 5 games of the season, which gives him time to get up to speed anyways. 

There are a few other players who will not be drafted. Running back Caleb King sticks out, he could be a 7th round choice, or sign as a UDFA after Wednesday. Maybe a good pickup for us, allowing us to cut Bruce Hall. Who knows how soon Johnny White can play.

Quick breakdown of the Supplemental Draft rules:

  1. Teams submit their best bid on eligible players (for example, a 5th rounder)
  2. Next year’s draft choice is the required compensation
  3. The team that bids the highest pick is awarded the player
  4. If a tie, the team with the worse record receives the player, similar to the real draft
  5. That team will lose the corresponding draft pick in the following year’s draft (for this year, it would cost a 2012 pick)

Past Supplemental Stars:

OT Jared Gaither, QB Bernie Kosar, DL Jamaal Williams, WR Chris Carter, OG Mike Wahle, and WR Rob Moore.

And a quick look at McAdoo’s career stats…

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