DE/OLB Mario Williams Will Be On the Bills Free Agent Radar

Updated: January 26, 2012

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

“Houston wants Williams back, Mike, but it’s fair to wonder whether it will use its franchise tag on him. If the Texans don’t, there will be plenty of teams in play for Williams, who then might become the No. 1 free agent available. Any team with a defensive need and salary-cap space would have to take a look. But let’s say this: Buffalo would love to have Williams. The questions are, does Williams want to be in Buffalo, and are the Bills willing to pay more than others? That’s tough to say at this point.”

Also Tim Kavanagh gives his two cents:

As the offseason was just getting rolling for non-playoff teams, ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker took a look at the three teams that fell into that category in his division, providing a free agency preview. One player who he believed might be on the Buffalo Bills‘ radar is impending free agent defensive end Mario Williams.

To be clear, there are many who believe that the Houston Texans will do whatever it takes to retain the services of Williams into 2012. Failing that, the Bills are going to be competing with just about the entire league for the NC State product, given that he has shown he can be a menace on the defensive line in multiple defensive schemes. Nevertheless, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter writes that we can’t rule Buffalo out on this one

Mario Williams will be a huge target of our team. He brings the experience rushing the passer in both the 3-4 and 4-3. He has the versatility that we look for in a defensive player. He can stand up and be the pass rushing 3-4 OLB that we need, and can put his hand down and play DE is the 4-3 on pass situations, and be able to keep two pass defending OLBs on the field.

Take a look at his stats and versatility: