After Re-Signing SJ, Bills Looking to VJ (Vincent Jackson)

Updated: March 5, 2012
vincent jackson


Wasting no time after locking down Steve Johnson to a 5 year 36.25 mil deal, the Bills are reported to be pursuing Vincent Jackson, which is something Sniper was hot on the trail of a little while back.

VJ had a nice bounce back last season after the prior year’s snafu with AJ Smith, pulling in 9 TDs on 1106 yards. But the stat that really stands out about this guy is his 18.4 YPC , which was good for 6th in the league. What’s kind of got lost in all the rabbling about Steve Johnson’s live art post td performances is what kind of a receiver he is. Steve Johnson is an decent but not special athlete who is a phenomenal route runner who consistently makes the case that Revis Island is really should be considered more of a cape. But what he isn’t particularly good at is testing defenses deep down the field. If you remember when the offense started sputtering last year, you know that it was when Rex Ryan figured out you didn’t need to play cover-2 and could completely neutralize the defense by punking receivers at the line.

That’s where VJ would really get the chance to open things up.  He’s gotten production down field long term, so that wouldn’t be a problem. The bigger questions would be:

Would Gailey be willing to toss the rock deep? (If we’re trying to sign a deep threat, I’d have to think so)

Can Ryan Fitzpatrick do a better job getting the ball downfield than he can buzzing hashtags into his head? (While Fitz’s deep game doesn’t quite remind me of a swastika, it could definitely use some improvement)

IN ANY EVENT, it’s a positive sign that the Bills are attempting to go out and address the biggest problems from last year (apparently by putting together an entire offense of guys who’s dads were named John/Jack).