Take OJ off of the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame

Updated: July 26, 2013

Ralph Wilson Stadium’s Wall of Fame honors some of the greatest Buffalo Bills in the teams storied history, yet almost 20 years after OJ Simpson brutally murdered his wife and a waiter, Orenthal’s name remains prominently displayed. It’s past due to remove OJ’s name from the Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame is primarily to celebrate the on the field contributions of the teams greats (with some odd exceptions), and OJ Simpson is one of the greatest 2 or 3 players ever to have played for the team. It’s even arguably true that OJ Simpson is the best player at his position in Bills history. None of that is up for dispute. But as great as a running back as Orenthal was, it’s also not what he’s famous for.

In case you need reminding, OJ Simpson, the Hall of Fame running back, actor, and television analyst, followed his ex wife, Nicole Brown and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman back from a restaurant to Nicole’s condo and murdered both by stabbing them multiple times. Simpson disappeared, left an apparent suicide note with the elder Kardashian, before running from the police in probably the most memorable moment in television history:

A circus trial and inept prosecution were unable to secure a guilty conviction, unlike the corresponding civil trial. Neither proceeding changes the fact that OJ murdered his wife and a waiter. Yet Simpson’s name remains on Ralph Wilson Stadium, like a specter hovering over the rockpile.

The Bills likely want to avoid having to acknowledge Simpson one way or another, which is why no action has been taken. But recent events have made it impossible to ignore.

First, the University of Florida is not wasting any time, after they promptly removed the Aaron Hernandez brick from their Walk of Fame. Secondly, the Bills announced that all of the Wall of Fame honorees are invited back to the Ralph for a tribute this season (OJ will be unable to attend, due to his incarceration for armed robbery). Both events make OJ’s continued presence among the best in Buffalo Bills history impossible to ignore.

Now, some say that the wall is just for football, and you can’t rewrite history. I don’t suggest that OJ be removed from record books, what’s done is done. But the wall is also an honor. And there is a distinction between pretending OJ was never a Buffalo Bill, which no one is suggesting, and continuing to honor him despite the monster he is.

The Bills’ only fault throughout the OJ saga is ignoring the situation. However, now is the perfect time to act. Take OJ Simpson off the Wall of Fame.