Rumors Fly About The Addition of WR Brandon Lloyd

Updated: October 13, 2011
Brandon Lloyd 2011

An interesting rumor tonight popped up around Bills Nation. If you have not yet heard, it has been reported by the sources of an infamous sports tweeter that the Bills are one of the teams interested in Brandon Lloyd.

Now before you shoot the idea down, I think it might have a little bit of water to it. Lets take a look at it closer:

  1. The Broncos are making a QB switch
  2. They are clearly planning for the future and could use draft picks to rebuild
  3. They have a few young WRs coming back soon
  4. They have Lloyd on the remaining year of his contract and might not want to pony up for a 30 year old receiver

Brandon Lloyd could be the perfect complement to Steve Johnson in our offense and could be the missing piece we need to make a playoff push. He had 77 catches for 1448 yards last season, including a long of 71, and 11 TDs. 72 of his 77 catches last season went for first downs. That’s 93.5% of his catches for all the non math majors out there. He currently has 19 catches for 248 yards this season in four games. 15 of this catches have gone for first downs, and he had a 136 yard week four performance against the Packers. He can run any route in the play book, block, go deep, and make amazing catches to bail his QB out. He is reaching his large potential that he has flashed in San Francisco. This is the kind of versatile play maker that Chan could excel with in his offense.

I’m worried that he is on his final year of his contract and could just be a loaner player. He just turned 30, and I think he could have three big years left. I would sign him to a 3-year, 18 million dollar deal. Locking him and Steve up could equal the best WR corps in the NFL.


NBC Writer Evan Silva Tweets: “I bet Lloyd is available. Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal both expected back after #Broncos upcoming bye. Broncos 1-4, now changing QBs.”

Incarcerated Bob Tweets: “**UPDATED NFL RUMORS**Source: Brandon Lloyd has been made avail from Denver they want a (#2) as of now. Redskins / Titans / Bills interested”

I then asked Bob what he thinks it would take to get Lloyd, he tweeted back to me personally saying:  @KevinMassare Not sure yet, the info i have is Broncos would do a trade ASAP if they get 2nd – I surmised that they might take a 3rd +cond

We will update you as information comes in. Stay tuned for our opinions and analysis on this and any move the Bills make at the October 18th trade deadline.