Myth Busters: Rian Lindell is “mid-tier”

Updated: January 25, 2012
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears

We came across a well thought out and articulated post by Buddy Nixon’s friend Andy Osborne.




Lindell Average? DEBUNKED:

Average, unreliable, words that are spewed out when talking about our kicker. I really thought after losing him people would FINALLY see that he is, in my opinion, one of the top place kickers in the NFL.
Does he have the strongest leg? No, but a 56 yard career long and he seems to average a long of 53, 54 yards. That’s not bad.He’s not clutch? He’s got 12 career winning FG’s in his career according to to, Lindell is 12-13 when it comes to last-second kicks.…=5860635&fhn=1I know people will dispute that but remember: A ‘Game winning’ kick is one that takes place in the closing seconds and a miss results in a loss. Not one that takes place with 2 minutes to go. If only the Defenses or Offenses have been as reliable as Lindell.

His FG percentage is the highest in Bills history by 4.6%

He’s never missed from 0-19 yards (2 for 2)
From 20 to 29 yards, he’s connected on 70 of 74 (94.5%) kicks which is better than Christie (90.8) and Norwood (88.6).

From 30 to 39 yards? Automatic as he is 54 of 59 which is an amazing 91.5 percent, compared to 81.2% for Christie and 77.1 for Norwood.

40 to 49 yards? This is where supposedly his productions tanks. Christie, who is the undisputed greatest kicker of all time, was 70.3% from that range, Norwood was 60.1%. So for this ‘myth’ to be true, that means Lindell would have to be under 60.1% right? No way he’s better than 70.3% from 40 to 49 yards away. He’s actually made 40 of 60 attempts, which is 66.6%, darn close to Mr. Christie.

How about from 50+? His long is 56, 3 yards shorter than the career long of Steve Christie.
#2 was 46.4%
#11 was 18.1% (2-11. you read that correct)
#9 is…read for this? 10 of 18 which is 55.5% and the BEST in BILLS HISTORY.

Lastly, in 144 career games Stevie Christie scored 1,011 points which is the All-Time franchise scoring record. In 136 games, Lindell has 878 points, which is good for second all-time and getting closer to the record. Lindell averages 6.45 points a game, compared to Christie’s 7.2, which means Lindell should tie and surpass Christie in 8 or 9 games (which he ironically missed this year).…er-kicking.htm

So ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case that Lindell is NOT one of the “mediocre, average” kickers in football, for he is actually among the best.

And for Bills history, I state my case that he is THE best.

If you can find real, concrete evidence to refute my findings and opinions, by all mean present them. Untill then, I here by call the “Rian Lindell is nothing special” myth officially BUSTED.