Mid-Season White Out – Bills vs Jets

Updated: November 3, 2011
Jackson Vs KC

White Out!

Fred Jackson said it on an interview on ESPN this week. He wants Bills fans at the Ralph to wear white and wave their white towels early and often this week against the hated J-E-T-S (suck, suck, suck…!) The Bills will be wearing their normal road white’s at home and the likes of the above mentioned Jackson and WR Stevie Johnson have also taken to Twitter in hopes of getting the message out to all fans. It is definitely nice to see the players having fun out there performing and doing so admirably for the hungry fans of Buffalo. It’s great to see the chemistry and attitude of this team on and off the field. It is a welcomed change from the norm.

Having a round-table discussion about the state of the team yesterday afternoon, it was my long-time friend Steven K. Atlas who summed up exactly how I and many other Bills fans feel about this year’s version of the squad. As we looked at this weeks difficult match-up and acknowledged that it will be a tough game for the Bills, if the boys are able to come out and play their game on Sunday, we should at least be in position to duke it out with New England for the division crown in week 17.

The point is, the expectation is there. And that goes a long way for me. It shows that this team is heading in the right direction. At Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey’s initial press conference with the assembled Buffalo media, I can vividly remember the duo stating that it would be “A three-year plan” to turn the team around and turn them into a Super Bowl contender. At the time many of us may have laughed… I know I did. However, who’s laughing now? The Patriots aren’t laughing, neither is any of the other 31 teams in the league. You can bet NO team is licking their lips at the thoughts of having to play the Bills this year. It would appear that Nix/Gailey DO in fact know what they are doing. They have this team playing for each other on both sides of the ball, they are playing inspired and with confidence. That is half the battle. Knowing that you belong on the same field as the opposition. Knowing if you play to your strengths and stick to your game-plan, you will win every time. This Bills coaching staff is pulling all the right strings so far and not giving games away. (see D. Jauron) More importantly, for fans they can see that these Bills are ahead of schedule and just MAYBE ready to make some noise if they can sneak into the circus that is the NFL Playoffs. A home playoff game in Buffalo this season… We can dream right?!

But in closing I want to reflect back to Mr. Steve Atlas’s comment he literally took from my brain to his mouth.

Take some sanctuary in the fact that for the first time in the new generation of Bills fans live’s, every time the team takes the field or we as fans tune into a game, WE AND OUR PLAYERS EXPECT TO WIN!

Embrace it people, it feels pretty good. It is a great time to be a Bills fan!

God Bless and GO BILLS!! –