It’s Now or Never For the Buffalo Bills – Sniper’s Playoff Guarantee

Updated: May 31, 2012

Listen Bills fans, have you ever been more pumped up for a season?

Well, us at Buddy Nixon can tell you that we haven’t.

How can you not admit that the Bills have the easiest schedule in years? As we see from Topher’s break down the schedule series, that the Jets are a very beatable team, and we get them at a perfect time, which is week one.

The last seven weeks of the season literally make me laugh out loud. Miami at home on thursday night football with an electric crowd? WIN. Indy on the road? LOL. Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Seattle at home? At worst, we only win two of the three. Then we get Miami on the road in which might be a playoff clinching game against Ryan Tannehill? WIN. We close out the season at home against Tim Tebow’s Jets, The crowd should show the league why we are the best in the industry, and leap frog us to a win. 6-1 is very achievable, and 5-2 is worst case scenario.

Can we go 5-4 to start the season? Outside of New England twice, and San Francisco, we shouldn’t have a problem. I am predicting 11-5.

We have what makes to be a top 3 defensive line, and at LEAST a top 10 defense. I mean, we could have the makings of a scary defensive backfield as well as our dominate line.

Fitz has proven he can outscore anyone, with a proper supporting cast, and a healthy team. What is stoping CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson, and Stevie Johnson from literally destroying defenses? Nothing, just health.

As I enjoy my coke beverage mixed with a specialty substance made by Mr. Facundo Bacardi, remember this moment. When us at Buddy Nixon told you that we are going to make the playoffs.

If we don’t? Well you know the drill. Chan Gailey will be fired, Fitzpatrick cut, and a first round QB on the priority list (maybe one anyways?).

But buckle up Bills fans, we will be playing deep into January. Forget the pessimists, I mean, who likes the guy that tags you as the picture of Nike Michael Jordans basketball shoes on Facebook? That’s what any pessimists are to me. Ask yourself a question, do you want to be THAT GUY?