BuffalOkie Mondays: Dear Bills, Prove Us Wrong

Updated: September 30, 2013
Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills

Dear Bills,

Please prove us wrong.

Once again, you injected a healthy dose of hope into a fan base that wants so badly to believe in you.  After a disappointing loss in the Meadowlands last week, you lifted our spirits with a thrilling, hard-fought win over the defending Super Bowl champions, and here we sit with a renewed energy and a .500 record to show for it.  And quite frankly, we all expect the good vibes to go away soon.

So prove us wrong.

We watched you throw the first punch and establish your ground against Flacco and Co. on Sunday.  We watched a rookie linebacker lead one of the most inspired defensive efforts we’ve seen in a long time.  We watched a promising rookie QB-WR connection continue to develop before our eyes.  We watched you bend but not break during pressure-packed moments in which Bills squads of yesteryear would’ve collapsed. Now we’re all just waiting for that big step forward to be followed by the customary two steps back.

So prove us wrong.

Thursday night, you’ll march onto the field in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium, and not to sound mean, but we all kind of expect you to blow it.  Nothing against you personally, but we’ve seen this too many times. We want to believe you’re the better team, but we fully expect to be muttering the words “because we’re the Bills” Friday morning.

So prove us wrong.

Again, please understand it’s not about you (except maybe you, Justin Rogers).  We understand that many of your key pieces weren’t even around for the last three seasons in which we saw you win a total of five road games.  We know that this is a new team under a new regime with plenty of new pieces, and we want so badly to believe it’s a team that is finally ready to win.  But we can’t help but expect the same sloppy effort we saw against the Jets last week.

So prove us wrong.

Prove to us that you’re ready to win on the road.  Prove to us that you’re ready to take care of business in games you should win.  Prove to us that you can build on the momentum from a big win like the one you gave us on Sunday.  Prove to us that you’re ready to take the next step.

As we countdown the hours to kickoff, we’re all preparing for the same old Bills to show up in Cleveland and rip our hearts out.

So please…prove us wrong.


Bills fans everywhere