Buddy Nixon’s Buffalo Bills Mock Draft 2.0

Updated: April 11, 2012

As we come closer to the draft. BN will mock it’s second draft for the viewers.

Without further ado, here goes!

Round 1 Pick 1o – Luke Kuechly LB – Boston College

With the Bills’ first choices of Claiborne, Floyd, and Blackmon off the board they stay true to their technique and draft the best player available. Can anyone deny that Luke will be a day 1 starter, and an impact SLB or MLB? With his fire of a combine, he solidified himself as a solid top 10 pick. I think Bills fans will be happy for years to have the front 7 that will be blessed with, with only Barnett needing to be replaced in the next couple of years. Kuechly will be uber productive, and be a tackling machine. Did I say he can cover tight Ends with the best of them? We will be lucky to have him in our division, and playing for us, in a league that loves to throw to big tight ends.

Round 2 Pick 41 – Rueben Randle WR- LSU

Rueben Randle was reported to run a sub 4.4 at his pro day in Baton Rouge. He posts similarities to stud WR Hakeem Nicks, and is a big play threat. He is one of those guys Nix would consider to “be open when he is covered”. We would be running our pick to the podium if he lasts to pick 41, which I think he might. The way Chris Brown talks about him, makes you wonder if he has any knowledge of us really coveting him. He will be another Day 1 starter across from Stevie Johnson, and the knockout draft and offseason continues.

Round 3 Pick 71 – Casey Hayward CB – Vanderbilt

A really good pick at this point in the draft. He had 15 career interceptions, including 7 as a senior, and 2 in his bowl game against Cincinnati. Casey had a really good combine, and could be the sleeper of the entire CB draft class. 198 tackles in his college career, and thrives in run support. Hayward has the size and ball skills to start in our defense, and I would expect him to be apart of the future starting defense alongside Aaron Williams. Our defense is pretty stacked at this point.

Round 4 Pick 105 – Michael Egnew TE – Missouri

The Bills get the pass catching TE that is needed to supplement Scott Chandler. With 147 catches for 1332 yards and 8 TDs in his career, he adds a much needed weapon as a 2nd TE, and starter potential in certain circumstances. A really good pick at this point in the draft.

Round 4 Pick 124 (from Baltimore) – Brandon Mosley OT - Auburn

A true LT prospect that will present value for the team. Buddy said he thinks certain prospects are LTs, that other dont. A nice healthy competition for Chris Hairston. Both being 4 round picks, and taken with around the same pick (122). The loser will be the swing tackle.

Round 5 Pick 144 – Russell Wilson QB – Wisconsin

A true warrior. Wilson could develop into the backup QB we all want. A fan favorite, and Doug Flutie-esque. Good bye Thigpen. Russell Wilson has already been brought in to visit, and loved it here. Maybe a Fitzpatrick Successor?

Round 5 Pick 147 (from Seattle) -Tommy Streeter WR – Miami

A value pick at this point in the draft, and a true burner. He could replace Easley if he doesn’t bounce back. More weapons for this revamped offense.

Round 6 Pick 178 – Audie Cole ILB – North Carolina State

Round 7 Pick 217 – Coty Sensabaugh CB – Clemson

Round 7 Pick 251 (comp)  - Sean Cattouse, SS, California