Buddy Nixon Roundtable

Updated: August 8, 2011

In this feature, the editors from Buddy Nixon will each tackle a topic that is important to Bills Nation. To start this thread, the guys were asked a question: What Bills’ position is currently the strongest during the preseason?

BroJ: In terms of top-to-bottom talent at a single position, I’m going to give an answer that might surprise some people. Even though production in the past hasn’t always backed this up, I feel really good about cornerback right now. I think Aaron Williams’ performances in camp thus far back up the fact that you should always draft the best player available when you’re a bad team. I loved this pick when it happened, and it looks like he could be a starting cornerback sooner rather than later. Drayton Florence has done solid work at cornerback since arriving in Buffalo, although he was certainly better two years ago than he was last season.  Leodis McKelvin has a chance to finally live up to his draft position, and I think he has a real chance to do it if he stays healthy. He still has the tools to be a true lockdown corner. Luckily, there have been other recent cases in the NFL of players at defensive back developing more slowly than, say, a linebacker or defensive end. Also, Justin Rogers looks like he has the talent to be a steal as a late seventh-round pick.

I think a case can be made for defensive line (if you count that as one position), wide receiver, and running back for all being very strong. I guess I’ll let you guys make those cases.

Sniper: While I agree Cornerback is a solid position, can you ignore the sketchy play last year of McKelvin? How about the fact that McGee can never stay on the field? They will need to prove to me this year that they are the best group. At this point, Wide Receiver is our best position. First of all, one of the Bills most notorious players, Stevie Johnson, lead the unit with 80 catches last year. Lee Evans has been playing well for years with marginal QB play.  Roscoe Parrish had his best career year last year, and that was despite getting hurt. David Nelson, Naaman Roosevelt, Donald Jones and recently signed Buster Davis add to a very deep position group. Also, Brad Smith could add some versatility by lining up in the slot. This is a very skilled and accomplished group that many other teams would drool to have. Ask Jay Cutler.

Topher: CB and WR are definitely the Bills’ two deepest positions. However, if you consider the ‘strongest position’ from an elite talent perspective, the best case can be made for defensive line. Kyle Williams is widely considered a top five defensive tackle in the league (the only player on the roster that make that can make that claim) and he’s the best player on our roster. Pro Football Focus went so far as to anoint him the the best defensive player in the league. With Marcell Dareus entering the mix as the most NFL ready prospect in the 2011 draft, that mean’s 2 of the 3 starting positions on the unit are filled with the team’s most important players. If Marcell Dareus can have a Suh like rookie year, this could be one of the best units on not just the team, but in the entire league. With Dwan Edwards returning from injury, the Bills will be able to generate a much better push from all 3 line spots. Also, since the Bills have finally made a commitment to drafting defensive lineman, the position benefits from solid depth. Troup and Carrington both got valuable experience last year, and their high round talent should alow them to give Williams and Dareus plenty of breaks this year.