Buddy Nixon: Chris Brown’s Thoughts On Edwards

Updated: October 21, 2011

Buddy Nixon:

Hello Chris,

Thank you for the hard work. There is no one that puts in as time for the Bills fans than you do.

My question is a popular one amongst Bills fans lately. Do you see George Edwards getting fired sooner rather than later if he doesn’t pick it up. It seems inevitable with the 31st ranked defense right now, and Dave Wannstedt waiting in the wings. Our pass rush is off, he isn’t getting production from Batten, and our secondary is playing poor compared to their talent. We also spent a whole draft on Defense. We thought defensive back would be a strength going into this year and right now it looks like we need to upgrade.




Don’t see it happening any time soon. DBs have been banged up. They were counting on Merriman and he’s not the same guy. With no pass rush the DBs have not help on the front end. Bills are last in the league in sacks, that means zero help for the secondary in the passing game. Yet they lead the league in INTs. Think your blame on the DBs is misplaced. Let’s see what fixes can be made here in the bye. I have a feeling some of these younger players will come on (Carrington, Shep, Aaron Williams when he’s healthy, etc.)


 Screenshot of the response (for all that asked) :