Bills Probably Wearing Blue Pants This Year, Reports Madden 13

Updated: May 13, 2012
Screen Shot 2012-05-13 at 8.39.54 AM

It what seems to becoming an annual tradition, the Bills have once again likely had an uniform change revealed by a early preview of Madden 13 for Xbox360, PS3, Vita, and Wii. Check out the video here. If you’re really crunched for time, skip ahead to the 19 second mark, where they start talking about Pass Trajectory.

Looks cool, but what we’re really concerned with is pants trajectory. Specifically, the Bills are wearing their away white jerseys, but below the equator is something that we haven’t seen before, or at least not since OJ was killing it on the football field (as opposed to… yeah). Normally I would say this is just a video game preview (and get a life, nerds), but perhaps you’ll recall that the same exact thing happened last year, and the jerseys in THAT video wound up being pretty much exactly what we changed our uniforms to. I know it’s not really on the same level as far as revealing SHOCKING DETAILS, but I find it funny that either Russ Brandon and co didn’t get mad enough to prevent it from happening again, or us mere fans have our own personal Deep Throat working on the Madden marketing team giving us a critical glimpse into what our falls are going to look like.

As for the change themselves, it’s interesting to think about whether they will be an alternate away uniform saved for special occasions or a permanent switch we should get used to. Recent history suggests the latter is more likely, as the Bills essentially did the reverse 1o years ago when they debuted new away uniforms with blue pants, before making this all white train wreck of an American Flag their permanent away digs.

Without having seen them in person, I probably prefer them a little bit to the all white. I always thought those 70′s uniforms looked nice, and at the very least it should decrease the chance of the Bills tapping the Miami Heat for marketing ideas again.

What color pants do YOU prefer with the white jerseys, blue or white? Let us know in the comments!