A Loss to New England Could Still Be Encouraging

Updated: September 21, 2011
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Editor’s note: From time to time, Buddy Nixon will invite different contributors to present their opinions on the Bills and where they are going this season and beyond. For our first post, we welcome in Blake, whom you’ll recognize from the podcast. Take it away, Blake.

It has been ten years since the Buffalo Bills have defeated the New England Patriots, and while a victory seems long overdue, the odds are Buffalo will have to wait yet another year until they realize that victory. Although I do believe this Buffalo team is cut from a different cloth, a team that’s loaded with promising talent, they still are not on the Patriots’ level. In case you’ve only watched the Bills through the first two weeks of the NFL season, Tom Brady is still that good.

I’m not one to be pessimistic, but as I watched Oakland’s offense throw for over three hundred yards on Buffalo’s defense, it evoked scary thoughts of what Tom Brady (who is on pace to throw for over 7,000 yards this season) and company could do to the same unit.  True, the New England defense is not what it used to be (they are ranked 2nd to last in the league in pass defense), but  I still believe the Patriots will leave Buffalo 3-0 on Sunday after defeating a 2-0 Buffalo team and putting a damper on a lot of it’s new-born confidence and momentum. It is more than likely that we will be seeing yet another high scoring, old fashion shootout with New England coming out on top.

Look, I want to see Buffalo win this Sunday. Finally beating the Patriots and going 3-0 would taste ever-so-sweet, and the national recognition we would finally get as being serious contenders in the NFL again. I’m not ruling out Buffalo of this one (any given sunday, right?), I just think it’s best we prepare ourselves by focusing on what we could take from a loss in this matchup.

First, let’s look back to last weekend’s New England San Diego matchup. One might say that San Diego didn’t play the Pats very well; a 35-21 loss isn’t exactly encouraging. However, if you watched the game (Lord knows I was) very closely, you would see that San Diego actually competed for almost the entire game. I think it would be a fair observation to say Buffalo isn’t too far from San Diego when comparing talent. Both teams have high powered offenses that put up a lot of points, and while San Diego has had the better defense in the past, recent injuries to their squad and key additions to Buffalo’s defense would make them quite even in my eyes.

If it weren’t for some costly turnovers (especially in the red zone), there’d have been a strong chance that the Chargers would have left Foxboro with a win. This is what I would like to see from Buffalo this week, minus the turnovers. If the Bills can hang with New England and compete for sixty minutes, heck even forty minutes, I think Bill’s fans should be proud, and if you’ve been paying attention to recent NFL media, the Chargers are doing just that.

A lot of good teams are going to lose to New England this year. If Buffalo puts up a good fight, makes some good defensive stops, and continues to put points up on the board, Bills fans should be encouraged. Competing with arguably the best offense in the league will be a strong indicator that our team could indeed make a run for a wild card spot this season. Hey, who knows, maybe we get a lot of pressure on Brady, grab a timely turnover, and get a win this Sunday, ending the dreaded 15 game New England streak. But even if they don’t there’s still the potential for a lot of good signs for the future this weekend.

How would you feel if the Bills competed against the Patriots, but came up short? Would you still be optimistic about the Bills this season?