Terrence McGee Still Not 100% Healthy

Updated: May 25, 2012
terrence mcgee

Chris Brown posted a story on the official Bills blog the other day that flew under the radar but could wind up being pretty important: Apparently Terrence McGee isn’t sure if he’ll be back for camp.

McGee is still rehabing from knee surgery that ended his 2012 season, and said while he can perform all the required “football moves,” he still hasn’t made it to OTA speed, to say nothing of game speed. Here’s what McGee had to say:

It’s never been this long for me. I had surgery in November so it’s going to be June and I still don’t feel ready. I’ve never been through something like this. I had surgery on my shoulder, but it was just a couple of months and this is a much longer wait and it’s getting closer to training camp so your mind does wonder if you’re going to make the deadline.

He doesn’t sound exactly optimistic, and even if he does, he talked about “competing” for a job. If McGee isn’t able to handle a workload, the Bills youth movement at corner will be expedited even more than the cutting of Drayton Florence. While I’m optimistic about the careers of Stephon Gilmore, Aaron Williams, Ron Brooks, and Justin Rogers, they have a combined 7 starts in their career and none have more than a year of experience. The only veteran other than McGee with signficant experience is Leodis McKelvin, who isn’t exactly a model of stability.

I think in the long term getting these guys experience will pay off, but in the short term, where the Bills are poised to improve defensively, there could be some growing pains. Let’s hope McGee’s rehab is successful, and Chris Brown isn’t foreshadowing dissapointment for this August.