One of the Reasons Buffalo Chose EJ Manuel Over Geno Smith

Updated: May 1, 2013
geno smith

Maybe Nolan Norwacki was on to something. According to one league executive in a Jason Cole story, Smith ” doesn’t have much presence, not much of a leader.” Multiple others said that Smith spent most of his free time during team visits on his cell phone, rather than doing the things usually expected on a job interview- acting interested, asking questions, talking to folks who work there, etc. Basically, he acted like the job was already locked up, according to these sources. These are impressions of just a couple of people, but there is enough here to suggest Smith didn’t treat the process seriously as some of the teams would have liked. It doesn’t indicate one way or another if Smith’s career will be as success, but, if true, acting like the visits didn’t matter would have been a very serious red flag for teams, especially a team like Buffalo who was looking for the player that would be the face of their franchise for the next decade or so. Speaking of the Bills, also from Jason Cole’s story:

Both sources indicated that Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, who was selected ahead of Smith at No. 16 overall by Buffalo, was far more impressive in terms of his personality and maturity. ”Manuel gets it, he gets the whole big picture of what it takes to lead a team,” one of the league executives said.

So the Bills got the mature poised player, and the Jets got the guy who thinks he’s Tom Brady already?