News and Notes: Training Camp Dates Announced, New Receiver, and the Lights are Back Out

Updated: May 31, 2012
How idyllic


How idyllic

-2012 Buffalo Bills training camp starts July 26th, when the rooks and vets report to St John Fisher College, so you can officially start planning whether to park at Sutherland or East Rochester. You can find the schedule here.

-Shawne Merriman will be back at practice today, according to his twitter. He’s says he’s 100% healthy, which means he must have found a new undetectable form of testosterone in Canada, lulz. Seriously though this should be viewed as more than an afterthought, because as of now he’s a backup DE, and as you remember from last year, our backup DEs play a ton. Merriman also has two more things going for him: the fact that he’s secretly pretty good against the run, and he won’t be backing up Shawne Merriman, thus forced into every down duty week 6.

-We signed a new receiver, and his name is Derek Session. An undrafted rookie from Maine, he’s listed at 6-1 and 225. Pretty good size for a WR, and word is he’s getting a look for his blocking ability. This is more important than you may think, since Chan runs a lot of no TE sets, blocking from WRs gets added importance  (it’s essentially how Donald Jones made the team). If he can prove some value in running and catching and leaping and route running, he may get a look at the practice squad, where he will be the source of many a pun (ex: “Session’s Session: Rookie WR Tears Up Afternoon Practice” or “From Class is in Session: Bills Unknown Schools Revis”)

-And to make room for Session, Paul Madsen was cut, or shall we say, cancelled. Alright, I’m done.