Marrone is Whaley’s Coach, Not Buddy’s, Says NFC Executive

Updated: July 12, 2013

From a very good Albert Breer piece comes an interesting tidbit on the Buffalo Bills front office structure that is now lead by Doug Whaley. Among several points, an unnamed NFC executive says that Doug Marrone was meant to work with Doug Whaley, not Buddy Nix.

It’s not news, but the fact that the league knew this transition was coming is telling that Buffalo had it sites set for Whaley to be the General Manager ever since he was hired.

The executive goes on to mention how he believes Russ Brandon has a good pulse on where the league is headed and made a good hire with Marrone. The Bills universe is an optimistic place these days because of the new leadership, but it’s nice to see some confirmation from those outside our echo chamber. Albert Breer even compared the Bills leadership structure to Green Bay’s, which you could do a lot worse than a model franchise. I suspect this isn’t a coincidence due to other similarities Buffalo and Green Bay share (both are small, Midwestern markets).

Below is the full quote from the executive, but the whole story is worth a read.

I think it’s probably different than it has been. My belief is the organization has more faith in Doug than they did in Buddy. They’ve been excited to groom Doug for this role; he was designated for this role years ago. And when they made the change at head coach, it was designed to pair him with Doug, not Buddy. That’s clearly true, whether they say it or not. It really is a chance for a fresh start there. It’s the first injection of creativity into their head coaching and front office in a very long time. You have to give Russ a lot of credit; he has the pulse of where the league is heading. Marrone was a really good choice; he comes from the Sean Payton tree and has head-coaching experience, and because he was in Western New York, he resonates with fans there. And Doug has earned his stripes. They have a chance.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

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