Jairus Byrd Tweet Makes it Look an Awful Lot Like He Won’t be Back

Updated: July 4, 2013
Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills

From (former?) Buffalo Bills Safety Jairus Byrd:


Nothing conclusive yet, but it’s tough to read that and not think that Byrd has played his last game for the Buffalo Bills. Players are usually too well coached to let anything that may affect negotiations slip. Jairus Byrd isn’t really the type to go on a flippant twitter meltdown either. The tea leaves, they appear!

If Byrd is indeed indicating that he’s finished in Buffalo, it probably means he was traded, as Byrd’s franchise tag salary would be a steal for the Bills. Of course Byrd knew that, hence the pseudo hold out. Wherever Byrd signs, he’ll use the 41.25m, 5 year Dashon Goldson contract as a bargaining point. My guess is Byrd becomes the highest paid safety in the league.

It’s tough to speculate what kind of compensation the Bills would receive, but one would hope it at least involves a first round pick, and ideally a starting caliber player (tight end?) thrown in.

Personally, my hope is that I’m jumping the gun and Byrd just likes needlessly trolling Bills fans, as I stand firmly in the (over)pay for Byrd camp. I think he’s a blue chip player with rare instincts for a safety, and capable of affecting games like Ed Reed once did. Again, nothing concrete, but it doesn’t look good.