Hittin’ the Links: Jairus Byrd Updates

Updated: July 6, 2013

With the deadline for Jairus Byrd to reach a long term deal with the Buffalo Bills set for July 15th, here are a few bits of info that should give you good perspective on whether we’ll have another season with the Byrdman.

Buffalo Bills and Jairus Byrd Not Making Progress on Deal

Hence why I don’t share your optimism about a Byrd deal.

How Troy Polumalu and Ed Reed Changed NFL Defenses

If you’re on team sign Jairus Byrd like I am and most of you are, it’s because you think he’ll turn into a player like this. I said this last time, and will say it again: Chris Brown is the best football writer there is. Read everything he writes (on Smart Football and Grantland) and your understanding of what happens on Sunday’s will increase exponentially.

Jairus Byrd Tweet Unrelated to Contract

If you didn’t like my thoughts on Jairus Byrd’s contract, here’s Buffalo Rumblings’ Brian Galliford agreeing with you.

Dashon Goldson Contract Breakdown

Dashon Goldson’s deal with the Bucs set the market for Byrd, he’s looking for money in excess of the 9 million Goldson will be making this year (8 million for a few years after that), with 18 million guaranteed. Safety is especially prone to injury, so Byrd would be taking a huge risk by playing for the 6.9 million franchise tag.