Buffalo Bills Links For Dad

Updated: June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s day, kooks. For those of you who can’t be with your father for whatever reason, or perhaps dear old dad’s only request was to get in a nap before this evenings final round at the US Open, here are some of the best Buffalo Bills bits from around the web:

Unique Buffalo Bills Paraphernalia Matt Rich Warren from Buffalo Rumblings goes through reader submissions of their unique Bills gear, programs, and other kitschy stuff. I had actually forgotten that Ralph Wilson’s Bills were something of a reboot of a Buffalo Bills team in the 1940′s that was pretty close to joining the NFL, until some of the owners blocked it. It’s interesting to imagine how things may have been different if today’s Bills were on the NFL side of the merger, as opposed to their history as a charter member of the Foolish Club (the nickname for the AFL founders).

Why the Bills Should Be on Hard Knocks Our friend Rob Quinn goes through why the Bills would make an entertaining entry into Hard Knocks, and he’s right. I’ve always wanted to see the Bills on Hard Knocks as it would be so cool to go behind the curtain at one Bills drive. Despite being a team ripe with story lines, the Bills probably wouldn’t be interested. Actually,  HBO had a really hard time finding a team willing to take it on, so the phenomenal show might be in trouble, which would be a tragedy.

Who is the Best Player to Wear 84 for the Bills? Mike Sullivan at the Kick is Good goes through the different players who’ve donned 84 for Buffalo over the years. It’s a little bit of a deeper number than you would think, and some interesting history about the ultimate winner.

Tim Tebow’s Last Chance So it turns out Tebow won’t be leaving our division, and despite the lighting rod QB’s lack of success recently, I don’t think anyone in WNY was thrilled to see the best coach in the NFL get him. Chris Brown is, in my opinion, the best football writer there is; so it takes someone of his talent to cut through the hyperbole (negative and positive) surrounding Timothy Richard and describe succinctly what he is as a quarterback, and what’s been holding the mercurial Tebow back.