Buffalo Bills Hot on the Fred Davis Recruiting Trail

Updated: March 24, 2013

The Bills entire organization seemingly is in Washington in hopes of bringing home shiny new TE Fred Davis.

Actually, Davis does have some wear and tear, as he is recovering from an Achilles tear he suffered in 2012. However, reports have him ahead of schedule which is why Buffalo isn’t ignoring him.

It’s somewhat of a surprise that Davis is available at all. Washington had expected all along to retain Davis, and Davis appeared to prefer to stay in the Potomac. However, Washington’s offer on the table isn’t enough to keep Davis from having dinner with Doug Marrone, Buddy Nix, and Doug Whaley (I wonder if there’s a Tempo on K Street).

In any event, Davis would be an excellent fit in Marrone’s offense as he has the ability to block well along with the athleticism to stretch the seam, which as we noted earlier will be something that the effectiveness of the Bills offense is going to hinge on.


The other reason Davis would be a solid addition is that the Bills need another tight end to have the ability to run “Ace” formations (two tight end, single back). Ace’s main advantage as a formation is that by trading the lead blocking full back for an extra tight end, the formation is “strong” on both sides, giving an offense the ability to run to either side while having 4 receivers in the event of a pass play. It is neither a pass nor run formation which is very important in not announcing the play pre snap. Additionally, the ability to run or pass effectively out of the same formation greatly increases the effectiveness of play action.

All of this relies on two tight ends that have the ability to block and receive. Currently, the Bills have one, Scott Chandler, who is recovering from an ACL injury (Dickerson and Caussin have shown enough potential to keep the Bills interested, but can’t be relied on). If the Bills are able to complete the deal for Davis, their offense will be much more flexible this year.