Buffalo Bills Franchise Jairus Byrd

Updated: March 1, 2013

The Buffalo Bills have decided to place the franchise tag on FA safety Jairus Byrd. This should keep the safety in Buffalo for at least one more year.

Bills are placing franchise tag on S Jairus Byrd.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 1, 2013


Hopefully, the Bills are using the tag to buy more time to work an a longer term extension. Byrd’s probably not thrilled about being franchised, as he would have likely scored a good amount more than the 6.916 million being reported as the tag amount. For instance, Eric Weddle’s contract was worth up to 40 million over 5 years, and he is the highest paid safety in the league. Byrd was definitely looking to beat that, which he won’t, for now.

This raises the possibility of a holdout. No player likes being franchised, because by nature players will only be franchised if they are able to be kept at a discount, which applies to Byrd’s situation. Furthermore, the player risks serious injury ending his career without any guarantee beyond the current year.

But that is all speculation. At the very least, the Bills don’t have to bid against any other teams and have additional time to work out a long term deal for the best player on the Bills defense.