Arthur Moats Takes over at SLB for Kirk Morrison

Updated: August 7, 2012

Per Dave Wannstedt, Arthur Moats is currently our starting SLB and has beaten out Kirk Morrison to this point.

They are adding a 24 year old LB to the starting lineup with a unique set of pass rushing skills, a great move for the team in my opinion. Moats has 5.5 sacks in the league in his first two seasons, including breaking Brett Favre’s consecutive games starting streak.

Kirk Morrison still gives the Buffalo Bills great depth. He can play all three LB spots, and give the Bills a much needed starter if one of the top three go down. But the race isn’t over yet, and he could still find himself beating out Moats.

Is anyone else excited to see Moats crack the lineup? The 2010 draft gets better by the day, as it should. If  Troup or Carrington can pan out, this will be a very solid draft class.