2013 NFL Free Agency Liveblog

Updated: March 12, 2013

Quite a bit has happened since we last posted… this morning. Buddy got duped, Fitz got whacked (so much more fun to say WHACKED than released), Levitre’s gone, and so much more. To make it up, we will be covering the opening night of  2013 NFL Free Agency with a liveblog. Sniper’s running a google doc to keep you updated with the signings as they happen, and I’ll provide the HARD HITTING Buddy Nixon analysis that you know and love!

Here’s the link for the Free Agent Tracker.

5:51 First things first, we have to touch on the Ryan Fitzpatrick release. Just hours ago Buddy Nix hinted at the coming cut by saying Fitz had to make a decision or “we’ll have to.” That tells us everything we need to know about how the entire situation went down. The Bills gave Fitzpatrick an offer to accept a restructured, cap friendly deal or get cut. Whatever the offer was, it must have been significantly less than what Fitzpatrick’s agent thought the QB could get on the barren open market. Remember, there’s next to nothing on the market for QB right now. Matt Moore’s getting 8 million per year and no experience Chase Daniel is expected to get 3 million per year. So as bad as Fitz has been, he’ll still wind up getting a decent contract elsewhere.

6:05 Speaking of Miami, it seems like they’re getting every free agent they want. In addition to retaining Moore, they’ve reportedly agreed to terms with Mike Wallace on a 5 year 65 million dollar deal and Dannell Ellrbe at 5 years for 35 mil.

Both players were players I would have loved to see in a Bills uniform, but much less so after seeing those contract numbers. Mike Wallace is excellent at what he does, but that’s a lot for a very good deep threat. You can’t help but think Ireland suspects that he needs to win now, which is always dangerous for a team’s long term prospects, especially considering the cap is very much a factor again. Not excited about having to worry about Mike Wallace next year, but also not concerned about Miami becoming a big contender.

6:27 Andy Levitre’s departure is perhaps the least surprising departure  by a sought after Bills free agent in recent years, as he moves to Nashville where the Titans will pay him up to 39 million over 5 years. Levitre turned out about as well as you could possibly hope a draft pick to, but that’s just way to much money. Who would you rather have, Levitre at 39 million or Urbik at 15 million?

6:40 Joe Philbin must have felt threatened by the Dolphins leadership council from Hard Knocks last season. Karlos Dansby just got cut, Reggie Bush looks like he’s headed to Detroit, and Jake Long probably won’t be back. Note to NFL captains: don’t make the coach feel threatened by a leadership council.

6:47 The top end of the tight end market appears to be drying up quickly. Martellus Bennett instantly announced “Bear Down!” and did, and now it looks like Jared Cook is headed to St Louis, after nixing the Dolphins (For all the credit Ireland is getting for clearing cap space for this offseason, he seems intent on using it all up instantly. It’s like a kid who saves all of his money for a few years and spends it on rims for his 02 Honda Civic). Delanie Walker to the Titans, and it seems that NFL gms are intent on tapping into the deep TE pool this year. At this point I’d imagine the Bills are avoiding the bigger name guys, or we would’ve heard more from them by far.

6:59 Joe Buscaglia just posted a nice breakdown of the McKelvin deal, and it’s not really as hefty as originally thought. 3.05 is the cap hit, here’s the full breakdown.

Buscaglia than goes on to say that the Bills have 25-6 million in cap space before the draft class. If you assign about 5 million for the draftees, the Bills are working with 20 million this offseason. Still, I wouldn’t expect any huge signings, which is a lot easier to say when many of the top players have already been signed.

7:08 Mike DeVito to the Chiefs for 3 years at 12.6 million. One less candidate for your unique “Pettine’s Jets follwing him to Buffalo” theory.

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7:24 Here’s LaCanfora on the Levitre deal:

8:00 So Warren Sapp was picked up on a hot mic complaining about a regurgitated Patriots segment. Here’s the vid:


And on that note, we’re shutting this down for a while. We’ll have more later on twitter, follow @BuddyNixon!