What is the Most Iconic Piece of Buffalo Bills Headgear?

Updated: July 20, 2013
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After Buffalo RumblingsMatt Rich Warren responded to number 6 on my training camp piece yesterday, it occurred to me that the Buffalo Bills have a rich and varied history of headgear. With the help of some of our followers, we wanted to determine the most iconic piece of Buffalo Bills headwear. Here’s what we got so far:

Doug Marrone’s Visor

doug marrone visor

Matt Rich Warren pointed out that what we’ve seen so far, we can safely assume that Head Coach Doug Marrone will continue to pay tribute to his former boss Sean Payton with the ever late 90′s revelant visor. Unfortunately for HCDM, the competition is tough (as you’ll see below) and I doubt he’ll come out the victor

Mark Kelso’s Padded Helmet 

mark kelso

To younger fans Mark Kelso is known as the color man for the Buffalo Bills Radio Network, but for those who were around during Kelso’s playing days, this is probably what Kelso is best known for. I mean, look at that thing. I’d be terrified to cross the middle with that giant orb coming toward me in the era before helmet leading was outlawed. Kelso was also known beyond just WNY, and even provided inspiration for one of the original great Deadspin comment accounts, Mark Kelso’s Migraine. We can assume the giant hat prevented Kelso from sustaining any significant head injury, as his work as the Bills color man remains sharp as ever.

Wade Phillips’ Missing Headset

wade phillips no headset

And now we move into the “missing” category, as in Wade Phillips was famous for being the only head coach in the NFL at the time to NOT wear a headset, preferring to look like a guy from West Seneca who had wandered down from the stands to get a better view. Wade presumably relied on hand signals, which makes you wonder: could the Bills have easily beaten the 1999 NFL runner up Titans had Wade Phillips been communicating with his coaching staff? It’ll forever be a mystery…

Thurman Thomas’s Missing Helmet

Thurman Thomas

Continuing the sans theme, Thomas was famous for 2 things in his Super Bowl appearances: perhaps being the player that came closest to winning Super Bowl MVP from the losing side, and losing his helmet before the Redskins Super Bowl. Check out the full story here.

George Wilson’s Ushanka


Probably my second favorite George Wilson moment was the first time I saw this picture (first was his pick against the Cowboys on MNF).

Dick Jauron’s Old Lady Gardening Hat

dick jauron safari

An undeniable modern classic.

So who is the winner? Tweet @BuddyNixon, and let us know who you think is the most iconic (use hashtag #BillsHeadgear). Also, if we missed anything good, we’ll do a follow up post and give you a shout out.