Mike Pettine on Hard Knocks Part 1: Pettine is Likes to Fight Guy

Updated: June 19, 2013

When the Buffalo Bills hired Mike Pettine away from the New York Jets earlier this offseason, my immediate thought wasn’t what a huge get the guy probably was for our defense (that was my second thought). No, the first images that came to mind were those of a salty mouthed, bald headed defensive coordinator of the New York Jets who was one of the more entertaining characters on Hard Knocks in the summer of ’10.

After SCOURING the web, I wasn’t able to find any clips of Pettine from Hard Knocks. There’s some “mic’d up” video, but it had a very PR-y feel to it. In order to see what Mike Pettine is really like, you need to see him on Hard Knocks.

Well, here at Buddy Nixon we aim to bring our readers, the raw, unvarnished TRUTH. So below, you’ll find the first of 3 clip compilations of Mike Pettine on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

(Warning: Lots of cuss words in the video below)

The most interesting part is at 45 seconds. For context, the segment had been talking about how while Vernon Gholston had a disappointing career to that point, but had shown some FLASHES in camp. The coaching staff wants to light a fire under Gholston. They turn to Pettine, who says “it wouldn’t be the first time” they’ve intentionally started a fight in camp.

Needless to say, it’ll be worth watching to see if a royal rumble breaks out in Pittsford this August. Get your dukes up, Torell Troup.

Stay tuned, we will be posting even more  sensational Mike Pettine footage from Hard Knocks in the days to come. Follow @BuddyNixon for updates!