Can Buying Madden Provide A Blackout Loophole for Bills Fans?

Updated: August 6, 2013
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Owen Good of Kotaku posted an interesting tidbit today: buying the anniversary edition of this year’s Madden is the cheapest way to watch the NFL. Presumably Good means ALL of the NFL games, because you can watch a healthy 3 or 4 games a week over free local airwaves. But for WNY fans of the Buffalo Bills who don’t attend every home game, there is a potential game changing easter egg: could Madden provide a loophole to the NFL’s archaic blackout rule?

The deal is this: you buy Madden NFL 25’s Anniversary edition, which costs $100 exclusively on Amazon. Included in the copy of Madden is a code that grants access to DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to access Sunday Ticket on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. When it turns out the December Bills Dolphins game doesn’t sell out, and you don’t want to get freezing/rained on/sit among the debauched, you could potentially use Sunday Ticket Max to catch the game.

There are a couple of stipulations that prevent this from being a bulletproof solution:

-There are only 100,000 copies available, so you’ll need to purchase the game soon.

-In the event that there is a blackout, you would most likely have to mask your IP address via a proxy server. Otherwise, the app may be able to determine your location, and if it returns anywhere within the blackout zone, you won’t get the game.

-If you have to set up an account of any kind, don’t put any address in the Bills primary or secondary markets. DirecTV could use it to black out local games. Make up a fake address in Towson or Flagstaff instead.

I’ve actually never tried to do this before, so I can’t guarantee that it would work, although if you can figure out to mask your IP it shouldn’t be too difficult. And to those of you with a raised eyebrow about the legitimacy of this workaround, I’ll say this: it is only an equal response to the NFL’s policy of refusing to show games to the communities that help pay for the stadia that the games are played in.

This hack may be completely unnecessary if the Bills are able to sell out all there games (Week 2 hasn’t sold out yet, so were not holding our breath). But if you’re not a season ticket holder, love the Bills, and live in the blackout area, this may be a nice little workaround. Worst case scenario, you get a copy of Madden and aren’t stuck watching a Jets Browns game the local affiliate sticks us with.

The Cheapest Way to Watch the NFL This Year- Kotaku

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