Sneak Peak the Buffalo Bills 2012 Opponents

Updated: May 18, 2012

Everything but the calendar says its summer here in Buffalo, NY. While that means lots of treats like festivals, grilling, vacations, beautiful weather, pig roasts, and kan jam, it also means there’s not really going to be much to talk about in the way of Bills material. Cordy Glenn signed today, following Stephon Gillmore, so TJ Graham’s the only one left. Since the contracts are slotted, there’s nothing really to say; but if there’s 2012 TJ Graham hold out, we’ll be all over it.

So anyway, the moral of the story is that we have a lot of dead air to fill between now and when camp starts, and the ensuing excitement over the 2012 Training Camp Draft Game. I got to thinking, since we have tons of time to overanalyze everything now, why not turn that energy towards something that might be interesting down the road? For instance, once the season starts/famine ends, it’s pretty much a 4 month non stop assault of information, making it hard to always go in depth as you would like.

Like upcoming opponent previews. With 53 man rosters that are constantly rotating due to injuries and what not, and at least 3 complex facets of the game, it’s easy to miss what’s really going on with that team. And then the previews winds up being a quick rundown  of the teams record, if their hot or not, any injuries, and stat leaders. This is all good info, but it doesn’t really give you the whole story.

So my thought was, why not put this time to help on that end? Over the course of the summer, we’ll do a breakdown of each team the Bills are going to wind up playing over the course of the season, and kind of figure out where they stand in their division, what are their strengths/weakenesses, and whether or not their head coach is a Flyers or Devils fan. That will give us a good base to look at how badly they’re going to get embarrassed by the Bills in a given contest.

Now of course, how the Titans stack up now is going to be quite a different animal (or mythological icon) than the team that loses to Buffalo in Week 7. So at that point, we’ll bring you up to speed just how much Cop Speed has been letting down his fantasy owners, whether the owner has flipped the other owner off, and anything else of interest that’s happened between this summer and the game. We’re just getting our homework done early.

So below you’ll find the Bills 2012 schedule, and as we march on down the list, it will be updated with links to each preview. Look for the Jets preview early next week!