Updated: August 9, 2012

…to start the preseason.

Tonight the Bills are hosting Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins in their first preseason game at 7 pm. The Buddy Nixon crew will be at the game doing our best to pump up what will be an understandably lukewarm preseason crowd. But don’t let 20,000 empty seats dampen your spirits, as the NFL regular season is just weeks away. We’re going to do our best to break down what happens in the preseason and make it interesting.

And really, we shouldn’t have to make anything interesting. Mario Williams is a Buffalo Bill! And Mark Anderson! And Stephon Gilmore! And we’re healthy! Who am I kidding? I’m already excited! YES WE CHAN#!

Stay alert for the post-game podcast and numerous reactions and analyses in the coming days from our half-esteemed group of writers.