Hater’s Guide to the Kansas City Chiefs

Updated: September 11, 2011

Hate restores us. Hate focuses us. Hate keeps us warm at night and spoons us if we so desire it. 

This was posted by my favorite blogger, Drew Magary, way back in January about why the Chiefs didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. It may be a bit dated, but they’ve only played one game since the playoffs, they still didn’t deserve to make it to the playoffs (Needed overtime to beat a 4-12 team? LOSERS!), and most of all, insufferable pissant Todd Haley is still the coach.

An excerpt:

Yes, Kansas City is a wasteland. They are fat because of their beloved KC-style barbecue—which generally tastes like Slim Jims soaked in ketchup. Memphis bbq, on the other hand, is far superior. That’s right Kansas City, the one thing you think you do well– the thing that you pride yourselves the most upon—is done far better by a city full of illiterate disability recipents and crackfiends. Congratulations, KC you fail at everything.

Let the hating begin!