Buddy Nixon Live! Bills Jets Liveblog

Updated: September 9, 2012
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Welcome to the first edition of Buddy Nixon Live! We’re on the field, Rich Gannon and Marv Albert on the call. Check the inactives list here.

Q1 15:00

The Bills defense will see the field first, which I think most Bills fans can get on board with. It would be great to punch them in the mouth early, get a stop, and get field position.

Q1 12:00

Jets Defense driving, Bryan Scott may have picked a tipped shovel pass from Sanchez on the sideline, but may not have gotten both feet in, it’ll probably be reviewed, and possibly reversed.

In any event, the Bills need to do a better job of covering stuff in the flats with their linebackers. And the review is in, the refs didn’t see enough to overturn it. Let’s see what the Bills offense has.

Q1 10:30

And Fitz gives it right back, throwing a pick to Revis on a Steve Johnson hitch. Johnson ran the route well, the ball just didn’t have enough mustard, and Revis made a great play. This play shows both his willingness to attack the best CB in the league and his athletic limitations.

Q1 6:02

So Kirley beats Leo McKelvin for the TD. Despite a bad pass interference call on Aaron Williams, our CBs are having a rough go of it so far, giving up 51 yards. Our pass rush hasn’t really gotten home either, so that’s something to look for improvement. On the other side, run d has been solid so far.

Q1 2:23

Another pick from Fitz is definitely going to lead to questions about Fitz’s arm strength.

Q2 14:53

And now Gilmore has been torched, making it so all of our CBs have beaten badly so far. The pass rush continues to not get home, and the corners are getting beat deep. We’ll see how they respond.

Q2 11:17

Following a special teams breakdown, Fred Jackson just got destroyed on a hard hit from Landry. Luckily he’s walking around

Q2 9:06

After Steve Johnson beats Revis yet again for a clutch 3rd down conversion, Spiller busts one open for a huge run. Not only was that a big way to stop the bleeding, but provides a yuuge opportunity for our defense to rally and get a stop.


So Spiller fumbles the ball to give the Jets the opportunity to get another field goal, which they do. To me, the big story is how poorly the defensive backs have played. Additionally, the defensive line looks a little bit better, but not not close to a top unit. It is their first game together, so it may take some time. The defensive backs though may be  a serious issue, given their lack of experience. On the plus side, the run defense has been better, so that may give us a chance to stop the Jets from grounding out the game. But we need to do a better job getting off on the field on third down.

Offensively, Fitz is doing a good job of reminding us of his athletic limitations. Besides Spiller’s bust out, the Bills haven’t been able to loosen much up on the ground. On the plus side, it was a good reminder that Spiller can potentially break any play open. Also, Steve Johnson has continued to be successful against Revis.

Fred Jacksons injury looks to not be as serious as it may have initially. Hopefully its nothing long term, and he is listed as questionable going forward.

Looking forward, the Bills need to find a way to A pressure Sanchez and B cover the Jets lackluster receiving crew better. Fitzpatrick will need to find a way to calm down a bit and get some points on the ground. Either way, keep in mind it is the first game, and there are a lot of new pieces on the field, so it may take some time for the defensive and special teams units to gel.

Q3 8:25

At this point we’re mostly looking for improvement, a win seems out of reach. Fitzpatrick needs to settle down, make some throws, and build some confidence. Spiller has a great opportunity to get experience running against a good defense.

Q3 4:26

After another big run from Spiller, Fitz shows his greatest strength, which is reading the blitz and making the right read. So far the Bills main strength has been CJ Spiller. It’ll be interesting to see how much the Bills run him, you wouldn’t want to get him hurt with no telling how long Jackson will be out for. But I think at this point Gailey needs to figure out whats going to work going into next week.

Q4 5:58

Steve Johnson catches another TD. We’re actually within 2 tds with 6 minutes left, albeit with no timeouts.

Q4 2:48

The one time Shonn Greene has a nice run, it looks like it’ll put this game away

Damn. When Shonn Greene is scoring TDs against you, you know its a rough day defensively.