Fantasy Football: The Buffalo Way

Updated: August 28, 2013

Buffalo Bills fans, it’s finally that time of year! Fantasy Football Draft week! And I bring you my exclusive Buffalo Bills fantasy football guide. I’ll be talking about what players to draft and how to create your all-important Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football team name.

The Team Name: For me, my two favorite Bills oriented names this year are Tuel Time (based off of the former Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement’s segment Tool Time) and EJ’s Manuel For Success. Even though those are my two favorite this season, there’s still a few other solid options. Of course you have #WhySoSerious (based off of Stevie’s 2010 Cincinnati touchdown celebration,) #BillsMafia, You Can’t Hackett, and the classic Spiller High Life.

Now after you’ve chose your team name, it’s time to select your Bills!

C.J. Spiller (Projected Role: Starting Running Back/Franchise Player): You can make a case that Spiller is a player you can take first overall in your fantasy draft. Yes, Adrian Peterson is the conventional choice with the Number One pick, but you can make a case for Spiller. Spiller’s goal this season is to reach 2,000 rushing yards. Who wouldn’t want that guy on their team, right? Now the question is, do you believe him or not?

Last season C.J. was tied for the best yards per rush average with AP. So why can’t he be just as effective as the Vikings running back with more carries? In my opinion he can. For a player who only rushed the ball 207 times, 1,244 yards on the ground is pretty impressive. To put that into perspective, Arian Foster (who some consider the second best running back in the league) ran for 1,424 yards in 2012 on 351 carries. Now if you put two and two together, Spiller at the same rate needed roughly 40 more carries to surpass Foster. Now that Spiller is the true starting running back on this team he will receive more carries and his fantasy impact will only grow.


Stevie Johnson (Drafted Role: 2nd Wide Receiver/Flex Player): Johnson is coming off a third consecutive season of 1,000+ yards receiving, which is a hefty feat. However, with the quarterback position currently in limbo and the fact that Johnson will have a new role for most of the season (playing the slot) it puts SJ13′s value in jeopardy.

Is Stevie Calvin Johnson? No. Then again no one is. What he is, is a solid fantasy wide receiver. Sports Illustrated ranks Johnson as the 27th best wide receiver in the league, which I personally don’t agree with. SI ranks Johnson behind the injury-prone Danny Amendola, Dwayne Bowe, and James Jones. Come on now. James Jones? That’s a joke. And in case you still don’t get my point… Every wide receiver outside the SI’s Top 15 had less than 1,000 receiving yards last year. Except Stevie Johnson.

I think I made my point.

EJ Manuel (Drafted Role: Back Up Quarterback): Listen, if you plan on drafting EJ wait until the later rounds. Chances are good that the other owners in your league (unless they’re all Bills fans) don’t have the rookie on their Big Boards.

With that being said, Manuel is a great quarterback to have on your roster because I expect him to improve as the season progresses. If he starts Week 1, Yahoo Sports project’s Manuel to score 14.98 points against New England. As a rookie in his first career start, not to mention against the division bully, is a pretty good projection. In fact, a 14.98 is a suitable stat-line for a team that has good players surrounding Manuel.

But for now, if you draft Manuel, keep him on your bench because he will catch fire as the season progresses. EJ Manuel has the potential to be the STEAL of your draft!